Scalable People/HR, I/O Psychology, & Research Scientist Staffing

Need an Affordable, Scalable Solution for Your Growing Organization to Fill a Chief Science Officer or Chief People Officer Role?

Staffing that scales with you, so you can grow without breaking the bank

Do you need high-level support on a part-time basis for Human Resources or Research Science? Our team offers scalable, part-time virtual CPO/CSO services to support your team so you can get the advise you need to grow your organization without having to wait until your company can afford a full-time hire.

Chief People Officer/ VP Human Resources

Arezou Harraf, PhD can serve as a board member and part-time Chief People Officer and has expertise in HR, Technology, Diversity, Culture, and Leadership.

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Chief Science Officer / Research Scientist / Big Data Analyst

Alice Vo Edwards, MBA is a health and wellbeing research and technical implementations specialist with a background in tech and wellbeing who also happens to also have completed all but her dissertation in Industrial/Organizational psychology. She is ready to support your business in providing translational psychological science and applied science research and strategies to support your product development and outcome measurement.

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