Wellbeing Training

The importance of leadership for superior performance and overall organizational success has been empirically established.

In the dynamic 21st century organizations however, competency-based training, enables leaders to better facilitate their organizations’ success and drive competitive advantage. However, with the growing focus on health and wellbeing outcomes including physical and mental health, many employees are lacking training in understanding health and wellbeing. Be it for internal health, or consumer wellbeing, this knowledge is essential both for internal productivity and product performance.

Building on the recommended competency model proposed by Center for Creative Leadership, we provide user-friendly modules, with practical assessments to sharpen current leaders’ skills in a particular area, and help develop next generation of leaders to lead sustainable and high performing, healthy organizations.

Moreover, in addition to the competencies recommended by Center for Creative Leadership in organization, people, and self-leadership, we provide competency based training for leading and sustaining a well organization where, leaders become competent to foster and sustain a well workforce where every employee is empowered to overcome challenges and reach their maximum potential. While, the general leadership modules on our platform have been adopted from previous research, the simplified content for the modules are produced by the Alerive team.

Combine Modules or pick just one to create a custom workshop for your employee needs, or take our 14-class track to become certified in Organizational Leadership

Modules for Leading the Organization

  • ´Leading change
  • ´Effective Problem Solving
  • ´Increasing influence
  • ´Managing and Mitigating risks faced by the organization
  • ´Setting organizational vision and strategy in accordance to available resources
  • ´Setting Culture of Performance
  • ´Setting Culture of Learning

Modules for Leading the Self

  • ´Ethical Leadership
  • ´Becoming a Learning Leader
  • ´Emotional Intelligence
  • ´Adapting to Change

Modules for Leading Others and Adapting Leadership In A Changing World

  • ´Effective Communication
  • ´Developing and Empowering Others
  • ´Diversity Management
  • ´Managing Teams
  • ´Effective Management for Local, Remote, and Virtual Teams

Modules for Leading Well Organizations

  • ´Fostering a Healthy Organization
  • ´Decreasing stress factors in the workplace
  • ´Providing Mental Health Support Options for Employees
  • ´Providing Financial Literacy to Employees
  • ´Providing Mindfulness training to Employees
  • ´Creating a Well@Work Plan for your organization

Modules for Employees and Supporting Individual Wellbeing and Productivity

  • ´Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • ´5 Minutes To Less Stress
  • ´Don’t Take It Personally
  • ´The Nature of Work
  • ´Healthy Habits @ Work
    Brain Training for Happiness and Success
  • ´Communicating Supportively
  • ´Being Part of A Diverse Workplace
  • ´Effective Interviewing

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