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Why Diversity Matters

Organizational diversity has been of interest for researchers and practitioners alike in recent decades.  There are many studies that provide evidence of the importance of understanding diversity for improved performance, particularly as the current organizations operate within the dynamics of increased diversity.  Current research has found that having a diverse workforce can increase innovation. However, most of the current research focuses on gender and race, age diversity with minor research focusing on differing learning styles and knowledge diversity.  However, missing largely from the literature is focus on diversity that arises as a result of mental abilities such as autism and ADHD, and other form of diversities.

Benefits of Membership

This group is dedicated to help improve diversity management and inclusion measures at organizations through providing education, networking, and empowerment opportunities. We touch on this wider lens of diversity to incorporate mental and physical diversity categories in addition to more traditional gender, race, and age concerns, to help you become more aware of the important diversity research being done in these areas. We will empower you to be able to consider how to apply greater understanding of diversity and its benefits for your organization to help you lead organizational culture change for increased diversity, productivity, and wellbeing in your workplace. Membership also provides opportunities for increased networking, collaborative group meetings and support for confidentially sharing diversity issues and concerns and receiving individual coaching.

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