Wellbeing Big Data Analysis & Consulting

Our goal is to help your organization thrive.

Strategic consulting can support your team in problem solving, implementation, and research and analysis of your existing data or in comparing your data to big data sets.

Examples of big data analysis projects include:

  • helping organizations outside of the US begin operations in the US including hiring employees, setting up offices, creating HR manuals and training on US law for employees, and much more, while selecting metrics such as pay scale through national data comparisons,
  • utilizing our expertise in employee behaviors and psychology to review and suggest improvements on your internal operations and employee management systems and creating benchmarks to track your employee satisfaction against national or state averages,
  • helping a mobile health app startup select data collection points to use, and provide an API and dashboard for benchmarking user progress against national wellbeing metrics
  • safety audits of health products to ensure consumer wellbeing is being protected following all applicable ethical and legal (ie HIPPA) requirements,
  • don’t see your need listed, chances are, we can help or know someone who can.

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