Alice Vo Edwards, MBA

Alice is passionate about using psychology and analytics to understand how to increase organizational performance while helping create sustainable, mentally healthy work environments. Her work is inspired and influenced by more than 15 years supporting organizations in managerial capacities within startups, tech, and marketing companies. Her personal goal is that through her work in research, education, and advocacy, she will be able to contribute to improving the lives of millions of people around the world.

Alice Edwards is an experienced operations, people, finance, and project manager who has earned the nickname “velvet hammer” for her ability to get things done with just enough softness combined with firm leadership and focus. Her background includes a focus on working with tech companies including a startups, tech, and software companies, including a Fortune 500 company, a celebrity social media company, and many b-to-c companies.

Alice is mental health advocate working on helping individuals and organizations be happier, healthier, and more productive while harnessing their best selves. She is the author of several books, is a contributing author to multiple blogs, and has been teaching about happiness and wellbeing for years.

She has consulted with, taught classes for, held board or committee roles with, and volunteered with nonprofits including Graduate Women in Science, Nevada Coalition for Suicide Prevention, American Lung Foundation, The Happiness Alliance, Poetry Promise, Dress for Success, Lift Up Vegas and Jump$tart Nevada.

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