Alerive is defined as meaning “All Here Thrive.” The purpose of organization includes, but is not limited to supporting technology management, innovation, research and development towards advancing human thriving and equality aligned with the Alerive ideal.

We are a technology partner helping organizations by building & collaborating on technology that helps make the world a better place. We often serve as the technological bridge helping technical and non-technical partners collaborate effectively.

While we love all things tech, we do have some areas we tend to focus on. This include:

  • web and mobile app development
  • cryptocurrency and NFTs
  • quality assurance
  • project management
  • improving technological product development, use, and implementation from a human factors, motivational, and psychological perspective
  • tech with a focus on positive social change, particularly health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and nonprofits
  • ethical use of AI and its impact on human wellbeing
  • job training and job placement for those with disabilities
We love hearing from happy people
Fred Cook

Fred Cook

Co-Founder & CTO

"Alice is a very competent finance controller and project manager. She managed many aspects of the internal operations of our company and effectively managed a team of folks working on things from IT and facilities to business intelligence."

Todd Burdeinei

Todd Burdeinei

UI/UX Engineer & Senior Front End Developer

"Alice is one of the best project managers I've ever had the opportunity to work with. Her ability to manage and understand the shifting requirements of a large matrix of resources, their needs, and their production, is inspiring to witness and be a part of. She has a particular talent for translating ambiguous business needs into concrete actionable team goals. Her personality, discipline, and infectious enthusiasm help ensure that said goals are met."

Christopher Barnes

Christopher Barnes

Immigration & Corporate Attorney

"Alice is a technically-talented, tenacious and resilient team-player. I was very happy with the level of assurance that she provided as Operations Manager, around the effectiveness and strong corporate culture of our corporate center; in particular I was impressed by her consistent management ... as well as her entrepreneurial enthusiasm and innovative contributions towards our key revenue-generating activities."

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