Our Mission

We Support Organizations

At the organizational level, Alerive supports the leadership team in providing top-level analysis and planning to make strategic organizational changes that will improve profitability while increasing morale and addressing key KPIs through two avenues.

We Empower Leadership Teams

Alerive increases leadership effectiveness and capacity

We Inspire Individuals

Alerive supports you and inspires your personal growth and development with individual 1:1 coaching and programs for leadership training, mindfullness, stress management and wellbeing

Improving workplace productivity and employee wellbeing
Our core services

Increase Productivity

Our mindset optimization classes such as “Brain Training for Happiness and Success” can be delivered online or in person to increase your employee productivity, in as little as 1 hour online or in-person.

Reduce Employee Stress

Our employee training classes on stress management can improve productivity and reduce turnover. Class types vary from a 1 hour in-person or online class, to an 8 week long Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction training.

Key Performance Indicators

Worried about spending money on employee wellbeing with no return? We can help you develop Key Performance Indicators to measure and optimize return on investment (ROI) on employee spending.

Leadership Training

Sometimes the best way to improve organizational performance is to invest in training leadership. Our Well@Work Leadership Track + Certification teaches leaders the latest in motivating others, managing conflicts, emotional intelligence, building & managing effective teams, & creating cultures that thrive.

The Well@Work Plan

The Well@Work Plan(TM) system is supported by science as a year-long solution that can increase employee productivity, wellbeing, culture, and engagement. This includes pre- and post- assessment as well as 4 of our Employee Wellbeing modules delivered over the course of a year.

Weekly Well@Work Welltips

Get your employees engaged in healthy habits at work with our weekly well@work welltips delivered straight to their email once a week. This subscription is a low-cost way to show employees you care, and provides information about nutrition, exercise, stress management and more.

The Well@Work Workforce Stress Analysis Survey: How it Works

Interested in learning what’s causing turnover and stress among your employees and want to learn more about Alerive’s Well@Work Workforce Stress Analysis Survey? Here’s a quick step-by step for how it works. Clients sign up for Alerive’s Workforce Stress Analysis tool and purchase access codes for their employees (a minimum of 10 is required to protect anonymity). Clients can email access codes to employees from the website or print them and give them to employees Employees will create a personal…

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