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Alerive is a research firm dedicated to using big data analytics and technology to improve wellbeing. We founded our company on the concept that it is possible to align employee and/or customer wellbeing with retention, productivity and profitability to deliver to our clients great return on investment and return on value for their brand and give investors the security of knowing that outcomes are being objectively benchmarked and audited by a third party.

Using big data, we provide comparative data analysis for greater objectivity and validation of user data using quantitative and qualitative analysis. We provide scientifically validated psychometric instruments and data collection design to align our clients data collection and alignment for benchmarking against big data sets. We help organizations increase employee wellbeing and retention to improve productivity and profitability with objective comparisons of employee wellbeing compared to big data. Concerned about adverse impact, diversity, and inclusion? We can provide third-party auditing of factors from systems to culture, and can recommend implementations to improve outcomes using our Well@Work Plan(tm).

And of course, we love working with health and wellbeing product developers to increase understanding of consumer wellbeing, use data analysis to improve the efficacy and usability of their products, provide evaluations for consumer safety, and benchmark outcomes against big data. Want to prove the benefits of your product or service to your users? We provide evaluation and analysis of existing data for case studies or academic publication, or can design and implement a clinical trial.

When an organization seeks to follow the objective that “All Here Thrive” to the deepest levels and be a socially responsible organization using scientifically validated HR and Organizational Psychological strategies, the people and the organization jointly benefit.


Well@Work Planning
Wellbeing Grants, Intervention & Product Research & Development

Health and Wellbeing Product Support

Wellbeing Grants, Intervention & Product Research & Development

We love research, grants, and development especially related to interventions & products in the wellbeing sphere, & utilizing technology & big data to improve outcomes. Our team members have years of expertise in the wellbeing.

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Scalable People/HR, I/O Psychology, & Research Scientist Staffing
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